Review is a remote computer repair company based out of California.  All work is done by certified computer repair technicians that know what they are doing.  Most computer repair companies tend to charge by the hour.  OCR charges by the service so you know exactly what you are going to pay before you hire them on.  What also makes this company one of our favorite is they offer a "No Fix No Fee" guarantee.  In a nut shelf if they can not repair or fix the issue you will not be charged.

All the technicians live and work in California so you do not have to worry about a language barrier.  Check out for a list of service and price points.  They also have many package plans.

OCR also features a live chat right on the website.  This is nice because you can just go there and start chatting.  No need to download software to speak to someone and get your questions answered.

For a list of testimonials you can check out this testimonials page.