FBI Money Pak Removal

A computer virus called FBI MoneyPak has hit the streets. This scam is nothing new but does have a few newer twists that will most likely con at least a few. The warnings given off say it's from the FBI and that they are after you.

The major twist here is this malware will take a picture using the users web cam if they have one installed. This is the first major malware spread that actually attempts to turn a web cam on.

Like any virus, FBI Money Pak can be removed doing several different things. One such place is http://www.pctechguide.com/virus-removal/fbi-money-pak-virus While it may be hard to follow for some it's about the easiest step by step guide out there.

There is also a dedicated website to this threat at http://fbimoneypak.com/

There are dozens of different ways to get infected with malware like FBI Money Pak. One common way of being infected is through a process called a drive by download. A drive by download happens when you visit a site that has malicious code on it. Many times this is from not having the latest updates. Staying constantly up to date on all software programs, add-ons and java can be a daunting task.

This is why it's so important to have a good antivirus client to back you up. You have many options when it comes to free antivirus clients. The paid version of every free antivirus program is a ton better. The paid version of every free client out there is going to have better updates and offer a better protection scheme.

One Antivirus client I like to use is Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. From time to time you just may need to hire a pro to remove the malware on your computer. There are a ton of different companies you can hire to remove this virus for you. One company that has been around for the past several years is http://www.pcninja.com. The price is right and they can repair your computer right then and there.