Security Shield is Back

The virus threat Security Shied originally was released on June 10, 2011. This malware has been causing trouble every since that say and it has come back numerous times under name changes. There have been at least three completely different names for this threat so far. There was another threat that used this name as well. There are several other things that can cause some confusion with computer users as well. the names used were Security Shield 2011, Security Shield and Security Shield Pro. 

There is a real antivirus software on the market called Security Shield. This is a tactic of some of the virus makers. They will create a new malware threat with the same name as the legitimate programs so the users will thing the threat is the real deal and download it. this is a good trick that works on people and it's why they use it. 

Security Shield itself is a clone of Security Tool, System Tool, and Total security 2009.  This client will more than likely follow suite like the others. System tool is the one that has spread the widest and impacted the most people in 2010 from online source They feature removal guides that are accurate and comprehensive. This computer guide has gotten the most views on their website.